SlideBar Software Download

Download the SlideBar Software to get started! 

Step 1. Download the software and unzip it to a folder of your choice. (Version 1.2.3)

Step 2. Plugin in the SlideBar and wait for Windows to recognize it.

Step 3. Install the correct runtime enviroment. Java Download (Version 8 update 171 recommended)

Step 4. Unzip the software and run the included SlideBar.exe. The SlideBar should vibrate. If not, move the SlideBar back and forth once and then click reconnect.

Important note: ONLY RUN ONE INSTANCE OF THE SOFTWARE AT A TIME. Clicking the "X" button will close the program to the system tray. Right click on the tray icon and select "Exit" to close the software completely

Configuration and Running Guide

The Software is in Alpha so bugs may come up. please report bugs to me at or on reddit through private message (/u/electricrelay) or on the subreddit 

1. Pressing the configure second configure button will open up the plugin configuration

2. The plugin configuration window can be used to define what plugins run with what programs or hotkeys.

Example acceptable hotkeys would include [Alt] or [Shift] or even letters like [A] or [J]. Multi character hotkeys are separated by comma like [Ctrl, 1] or [Alt, Space] or [Ctrl, Alt, A]. These are just examples.

Example process names would include chrome.exe or Discord.exe. notice how the process names are case sensitive and require ".exe"

Source Code

All the Source code is available on GitHub at

Python Based Aternative